The annual report of the General Directorate of Industrial Property represents an important instrument of transparency and accountability in which we aim to present our results and work over a calendar year. The mission of General Directorate of Industrial Property is to strengthen industrial property protection within the Albanian territory through recognition, registration, and promotion of these rights, to guarantee a level of protection equal to that of the countries of the European Union.

As a result of awareness-raising of citizens and businesses on the importance of the registration of the IP objects, for the year 2019, in the General Directorate of Industrial Property have been filed:

  • 1157 national applications;
  • 2664 applications on the international extension of trademark registration
  • 913 patent applications;
  • 1 application on utility models;
  • 16 requests for national registration of industrial designs;
  • 1 request for geographical indications.

I am pleased to say that the year 2019 has been finalized with satisfactory results for the General Directorate of Industrial Property.

This year's figures come as a result of the raising of local business awareness on the registering importance of industrial property objects, as well as awareness-raising of foreign companies which have shown their interest in the Albanian market.

These results reflect the work of all stakeholders engaged in the Industrial Property system, who have been a key factor in the successful accomplishment of tasks and objectives arising from the "National Strategy of Intellectual Property, 2016-2020 ".

General Director